The King Of Comics

Today is the 95th anniversary of Jack Kirby’s birth.

My first experience with the King of Comics was New Gods #1, an experienced that would warp any 11-year-old’s mind. (Throw in Jim Starlin’s Warlock and Steve Englehart’s Dr. Strange and you can probably figure out why I love posting left-of-center comics like The Eye … )

I followed Kirby’s career through the never-completed Fourth World saga, OMAC, Kamandi, The Demon, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Eternals, Devil Dinosaur and his underrated mid-‘70s run on Captain America.

Heck, I even loved his Pacific Comics output and was thrilled to note the King’s touch on the early-80s classic post-apocalyptic toon, Thundarr The Barbarian.

Cheap reprint comics were plentiful back in the day as well, so I was also able to learn how Kirby revolutionized the comics industry with Stan Lee and Joe Simon.

To this day, Jack Kirby remains my favorite creator. His work simply epitomizes everything I love about the medium of comics.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, here’s the entirety of Alarming Tales #1 (Harvey, September 1957) minus ads and text pages. Each of the stories were written and drawn by The King, and observant readers will note the introductions of several concepts that would one day fully flower in The Fourth World Saga and Kamandi.

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