Bucket Of Blood

Today’s story was condemned in Frederic Wertham’s Seduction Of The Innocent for an admittedly lurid scene depicting two gangsters draining blood from an unconscious woman.

The good doctor opined that outside of children’s comics, the only place to read of such atrocities was the “forbidden pages of de Sade.” I wonder what he thought of the tale’s crime-fighting heroine, the Veiled Avenger, who brandished a whip.

Despite the unsettling nature of the crime depicted, the Golden Age comic seems rather tame now compared to the violence depicted in your average Geoff Johns title, especially given the fatal brand of justice dealt to the perpetrators of said crime.

As this blog has noted time and time again, Golden Age super-hero comics generally favored clear-cut – rather than Pyrrhic – victories for the forces of law and order.

From Red Seal Comics #16 (Harry A. Chesler, April 1946), here’s “The White Death.” The art is credited to Gus Ricca.



RedSeal016_29-SOTI page





One thought on “Bucket Of Blood

  1. Interesting! This was the Veiled Avenger’s final appearance. Wertham started his campaign against comic books in the Saturday Review of Literature in May 1948.

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