Not A Plain Jane

Jane Martin enjoyed a lengthy, if varied, career as an adventuress in Fiction House’s Wings Comics.

Although never a lead feature, she appeared in the very first issue of the title and hung around until Wings #111. Jane, who started out as a daring war nurse, eventually tried her hand at a variety of adventurous careers that included stints as a spy, a pilot-for-hire and a journalist. The only constants to the strip were the heroine’s scrappy attitude and excellent Fiction House-style good-girl art by the likes of George Evans and, especially, Fran Hopper.

Hopper, a scrappy pioneer herself, succeeded in the man’s world of Golden Age comics by turning in quality work on a number of Fiction House titles. Her art graced such two-fisted heroines as Glory Forbes, Mysta of the Moon and the excellently titled Gale Allen and Her All-Girl Squadron.

Little was known about Hopper after she left the comics industry in 1948, although the artist was recently discovered to be alive and well. Hopper will reportedly be included in the next book by the legendary comics creator and historian, Trina Robbins.

From Wings Comics #74 (Fiction House, Oct. 1946), here’s Jane Allen as drawn by Fran Hopper.







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