Marvel Comics

It’s a good thing that DC recently rebranded Captain Marvel as “Shazam” because the cynical, self-serving brat the company served up a few weeks ago in Justice League #0  sure has heck had nothing to do with the character created decades ago by C.C. Beck and Bill Parker.

Rather than post a long screed about the wrong-headedness of DC’s new approach to Cap and many other of its characters (don’t get me started about Amethyst), let’s just turn back to a time when Billy Batson was heroic and selflessly – if somewhat stupidly at times – put himself into the line of fire to help someone else.

Plus, the following story features killer barracudas and Nazi spies. Awesome, right?

“The Baron Of Barracuda Bay” originally appeared in Captain Marvel Adventures #30 (Fawcett, December 1943). The writer and artist are uncredited.
















Hmmm, guess Cap conveniently forgot that he possessed the speed of Mercury as those Axis agents threw themselves over the cliff. Oh well … they were dirty Nazis anyway. Golden Age justice!


2 thoughts on “Marvel Comics

  1. Cissie gets a special prize for sheer obliviousness if she didn’t recognize Billy’s double identity considering how reckless and unconcerned he is with protecting it. (“Mr. Baron, just pretend you didn’t see me say my magic word and transform into the World’s Mightiest Mortal, m’kay?”) On the other hand, maybe she was just humoring Billy the whole time.

    The panel of him trying to fly into action was pretty funny.

    Total agreement with you re the current grotesque travesty, but I’ve already ranted about that at too great a length elsewhere.

  2. None of the Marvels are all that careful about their secret IDs (although I’m not sure why the entire world hasn’t figured out Mary Batson and Freddy Freeman are Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr., respectively.) In Cap’s case, I always figured the magic lightning disoriented bystanders enough to create the necessary distraction. It never seemed to fool Sivana though …

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