Eternal Relief

It wouldn’t be the Halloween season without a mad scientist seeking to create a hulking monstrosity out of used body parts. Enter Doctor Pain, a would-be Victor Von Frankenstein who is too impatient to even wait for his patients to die before harvesting their organs.

Kid Eternity answers the bell for the fourth day of Super-Heroes Vs. Super-Horrors Week to face his most macabre foe yet in “A Tale of A Door… A Doctor … and A Dreaded Cat.”

The story originally appeared in Hit Comics # 26 (Quality, February 1943). The art is by Ruben Moreira.

Keep an eye out for a surprise appearance by one of the Time Bullet’s favorite Golden Age characters …

Hit 026-01

Hit 026-02

Hit 026-03

Hit 026-04

Hit 026-05

Hit 026-06

Hit 026-07

Hit 026-08

Hit 026-09

Hit 026-10

Hit 026-11

Hit 026-12

Hit 026-13

Hit 026-14

Hit 026-15

Remember Time Bulleteers …. if you need someone skilled in the art of Golden Age justice, Blackhawk is your man! Coming tomorrow: The original Mr. Monster!!


One thought on “Eternal Relief

  1. Huh! So Blackhawk, being the star of another comic, was considered a “mythological” figure from Kid Eternity’s perspective. At least according to the rules under which the strip operated at the time. I guess the writer (Otto Binder?) didn’t foresee any prospect of future intra-company crossovers…

    I haven’t read any of these early Kid Eternity stories — I knew from a Nelson Bridwell text piece long ago that he had a slightly different method of operation in the early days, before his powers were more codified and standardized. I can see why that was necessary, and having too amorphous and open-ended a skill set makes the threats too unthreatening. Besides, given that no villain could ever harm or kill the Kid, the only way there could be any jeopardy or suspense is in the question “By what clever means can the Kid help the people in trouble?” And to show ingenuity, there have to be limitations. Here he seems a little too Spectre-like by comparison, IMHO.

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