The Marching Dead

Day 6 of Super-Heroes vs. Super-Horrors Week stacks the deck against everyone’s favorite “Good Girl,” Matt Baker’s Phantom Lady, as the sexy sleuth takes on “An Army Of Walking Dead.”

The story originally appeared in Phantom Lady # 15 (Fox Feature Syndicate, December 1947) and was drawn, naturally enough, by Matt Baker. The Grand Comics Database believes the plot is courtesy of the Iger Studio’s prolific staff writer, Ruth Roche.

Phantom Lady 015-02

Phantom Lady 015-03

Phantom Lady 015-04

Phantom Lady 015-05

Phantom Lady 015-06

Phantom Lady 015-07

Phantom Lady 015-08

Phantom Lady 015-09

Phantom Lady 015-10

Phantom Lady 015-11

Phantom Lady 015-12

Phantom Lady 015-13

Don’t underestimate the Phantom Lady just because she’s drawn like Jessica Rabbit! Coming tomorrow: Spy Smasher gets in a fist-fight with Death! (Spoiler: It doesn’t go too well for the hero…)


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