A Friend Indeed

Although the 1950s are remembered as a comparatively tranquil era, the Cold War and resulting suspicion of anyone and anything that seemed vaguely “Red” were indications of the fears and paranoia that Americans hid in their hearts as they settled into the suburbs and strived for normalcy.

Such anxieties often manifested themselves in the much vilified horror comics of the era. Were people really afraid titles like The Thing were causing juvenile delinquency, or was there a vague sense that those “trashy little magazines” were actually evoking deeper fears that struck just a little too close to home?

Today’s Pre-Code Steve Ditko classic reminds readers to not trust anyone … even yourself. The enemy, after all, may be hiding in the most unexpected place of all.

“Inheritance!” originally appeared in The Thing #14 (Charlton, June 1954). The art, once again, is by Steve Ditko.







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