The Book Of Frank

The Three Faces Of Frankenstein week continues with The Creature teaming up with Satan himself to see if a pure soul can be corrupted.

Yes … your eyes aren’t deceiving you Time Bulleteer. Today’s story is an adaptation of the Biblical story of Job that features Frankenstein’s Monster.

It’s just one of many reasons why I love comic-books so …

“Frankenstein Meets The Devil” first appeared in Prize Comics #31 (Crestwood Publications, June 1943). It was written and drawn by Dick Briefer.









Talk about divine intervention! I do like the image of Frankenstein and Satan playing cards at the end, though.

Tomorrow: The Second Face Of Frankenstein!

One thought on “The Book Of Frank

  1. I was surprised when I realized that Briefer was retelling the story found in the Book of Job, with the incredible twist that the Frankenstein monster and Lucifer had taken the rôles of יהוה and of Satan, with some mixing-up. (In the Book of Job, Satan suggests that Job is corruptible, and it is יהוה who visits suffering upon him to test this.)

    Of course, the lightning bolts have no analogy in the original, as יהוה is not a third party (in or ex machina).

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