Back To The Future

Halloween is less than a week away, which means it’s time to pull out all the stops and highlight some of my favorite Pre-Code horror stories by some of the genre’s greatest creators.

Our Four-Star Fright Fest begins with Lou Cameron – who may be better known these days as a prolific crime and western novelist. Before making his name in that field, however, he held court at Ace Periodicals as its star artist.

His clean, yet moody, style easily holds its own with any of the famed EC bunch. The following story – which makes about as much sense as any comic-book tale about time travel – is greatly enhanced by his detailed take on the “fifth dimension” that injects the proper amount of surrealism but also remains strangely down to earth.

Based upon this and other, equally striking stories, I could easily imagine Cameron producing classic Silver Age Doctor Strange tales … that is, if the artist hadn’t moved on to greener pastures where he could actually profit from his creations.

“12 Hours To Doom” first appeared in Baffling Mysteries #18 (Ace Periodicals, November 1953). The story was pencilled and inked by Cameron.









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