The Joker

Like such veterans as Don Heck and George Tuska, Werner Roth is an underrated comic-book artist who owes his relative obscurity to the fact that most didn’t see his work until long after the creator had passed his prime.

Many fans point to Roth’s unspectacular work on the Superman Family titles of the 70s and  groan, but fail to note he did solid work for years on Roy Thomas’ X-Men and truly shined on non-superheroic comics published by Marvel’s predecessor, Atlas Comics, in the 1950s.

The Time Bullet’s Four-Star Fright Fest continues with a good example of Roth’s Pre-Code output, “Poor Mister Watkins” from Menace #1 (Atlas, March 1953).

The story was written by none other than Stan “The Man” Lee himself.







2 thoughts on “The Joker

  1. I love the what Roth did with Cathy’s face in the 2nd panel on page 1. She goes from that cool, clearly annoyed air in the first panel, to this almost wild look. Her teeth have a sort of jagged, feral look, and her pupils either vanished or turned translucent. It’s like all the words she’s held back through all his clumsy come-ons just broke through at once, and it’s made her a completely different person. Then she’s back to the way she was before by the next panel, though more visibly tired of him.

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