Hair Of The Dog

Today’s contribution to our Four-Star Fright Fest is a werewolf story beautifully illustrated by Al Williamson, using the pen name of Harold D. Williams.

The Grand Central Database doesn’t have a definitive writer’s credit, but given that the tale was published by the American Comics Group it’s a good guess the story was thought up by line editor Richard E. Hughes.

Hughes’ presence would explain the highly specific rules regarding lycanthropy. There’s a right way and a wrong way to tread through The Beyond in the ACG universe, and it’s up to the story’s protagonists to figure out which is which before they reach the final page.

“The Return Of The Werewolf” was originally published in Out Of The Night #1 (American Comics Group, February-March 1952). The story may have been written by Hughes; the pencils are by Williamson and the inks are by Harold LeDoux, who is best remembered for the newspaper strip Judge Parker.

OotN 01-13

OotN 01-14

OotN 01-15

OotN 01-16

OotN 01-17

OotN 01-18

OotN 01-19

OotN 01-20

OotN 01-21


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