Detective Comics

Although Plastic Man arguably ranks as Jack Cole’s greatest creation, he was equally adept at true crime and horror genres.

The few Cole stories scattered over the first 12 issues of Quality Comics’ Web Of Evil easily represent the height of that publisher’s somewhat tentative entry in the burgeoning horror comics market.

Today’s entry in the Time Bullet’s Four-Star Fright Fest isn’t long on gore, but benefits from Cole’s typically breakneck pacing and broad, near big-foot style art, both of which lend the story a nice sense of foreboding that amplifies the tale’s psychological twists and turns.

From Web Of Evil #8 (Quality Comics, November 1953), here’s “Death Prowls The Streets” by Jack Cole.








2 thoughts on “Detective Comics

  1. I think that Paul Tumey would discuss this story as a recurrence of themes often found in Cole: appearance change, morbidity, and an individual who seems benign but contains within himself a monster. Certainly, a fair amount of evidence indicates that Cole viewed himself as needing destruction to contain some personal monster.

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