Not Another Teen Comic


After a month of horror comics lightened only by the darkest of humor, I thought it was high time to change it up a bit and present the entirely gore-free adventures of Standard Comics’ “Kathy,” an adorably average teenager who made Patsy Walker look like a high school Hellcat.

Of course, Kathy did possess a certain attribute Archie, Betty and their Golden Age imitators could not match – the artistic talents of a young buck by the name of Frank Frazetta!

Like his contemporaries, Frazetta did a little bit of everything as he rose up the ranks: funny animals, romance, space opera, hillbilly humor and … yes … Archie rip-offs. As always, his talent elevates the work in question.

(Although the script, by a sadly uncredited writer, is agreeably wacky.)

From Thrilling Comics #69 (Standard, December 1948), here’s “Cake Fake” as pencilled and inked by Frazetta.










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