Two-Fisted Tales

One of the more gratifying aspects of the 21st century comic-book reprint renaissance is the long-overdue attention paid to the man Jack Kirby once called the real “King of Comics,” Bill Everett.

Comics historian Blake Bell has written an excellent biography of Everett and compiled a nifty collection of the creator’s pre-Timely/Atlas/Marvel work. A host of scan blogs, including the excellent Comic Book Attic, have also posted vintage Everett classics accompanied by insightful analysis.

Although this blog has displayed its share of Everett super-hero epics, I haven’t really delved into his work in such genres as horror, romance and war. Today’s post begins to address this imbalance, as we pick a ’50s classic from Atlas’ Men’s Adventures that criticizes media war propaganda.

(Which, ironically, included most of Atlas’ war comics of the period.)

Doubling as a humble tribute to Veterans Day, here’s “The Education Of Thomas Dillon” from Men’s Adventures #10 (Atlas Comics, Oct. 1951). The art is by Everett.


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