Real American

Bronze Terror

Yours truly hoped to post this story sooner, but that demon Tryptophan has got me in its sway. At any rate, Thanksgiving is an appropriate time to pay tribute to comics’ first Native American super-hero: The Bronze Terror.

Created by Dick Briefer of Frankenstein fame, Jeff Dixon first donned the costume of “Real American No. 1” in Daredevil Comics #2. An attorney who set out to avenge the murder of his father, Dixon differed from most vigilantes of the era by fighting for a cause that put a different spin on the “American way” – namely defending his fellow Apache from the forces of greed and corruption that oppressed the tribe.

(Kind of an uphill battle there, but Briefer  – along with editor Charles Biro and publisher Lev Gleason – is to be commended for thinking so far out of the box. Similarly themed heroes really wouldn’t pop up in comic-books again until the 1970s.)

The Bronze Terror only appeared eight times before fading into obscurity, but Briefer’s creation can still be enjoyed thanks to the enterprising scanners over at the Digital Comic Museum.

From Daredevil Comics #6 (Lev Gleason, December 1941), here’s “The Dam Breaker” by Dick Briefer.

Daredevil Comics #6 - 01

Daredevil Comics #6 - 02

Daredevil Comics #6 - 03

Daredevil Comics #6 - 04

Daredevil Comics #6 - 05

Daredevil Comics #6 - 06


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