Sinister But Stylish

moon girl vs. satana

Moon Girl, EC Comics’ sole spandex-clad super-person, may not have enjoyed a long career but did last long enough to pick up a fairly decent arch-villain: Satana, Queen Of The Underworld!

A criminal mastermind attractively clad in a lime-green devil costume, Satana demonstrated no predilection for the super-natural chaos that gained EC such infamy in the 1950s.

She did, however, possess a definite sense of style and in super-hero comics that counts for quite a bit.

Satana also benefited from the skill of artist Sheldon Moldoff –  Moon Girl’s co-creator and a longtime (and often uncredited) contributor to DC’s Batman – who knew how to draw a bad girl.

Moon Girl fights the criminal machinations of Satana in “Rockets For Riches.” The story originally appeared in Moon Girl #3 (EC Comics, Spring 1948). The art is by Moldoff.

moon girl 03 01

moon girl 03 02

moon girl 03 03

moon girl 03 04

moon girl 03 05

moon girl 03 06

moon girl 03 07

moon girl 03 08

moon girl 03 09

moon girl 03 10

moon girl 03 11

moon girl 03 12


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