Purple Creature Eater

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 3

Like many denizens of the Comix InterWeb, I first encountered The Purple Claw at combine Karswell’s hallowed Horrors Of It All blog. The character was one of many publishers’ attempts to combine elements of the then-moribund super-hero genre with the decidedly more lucrative field of horror comics.

(One of the more successful efforts: Magazine Enterprises’ Ghost Rider, which threw the Wild, Wild West into the mix for good measure!)

Breaking a bit from tradition, the Purple Claw wasn’t the name of a mysterious, costumed figure. Rather, it was a mystic gauntlet wielded by the otherwise White-Bread Dr. Jonathan Weir against the forces of darkness

Although the stories lacked the atmosphere and creativity of Fiction House’s Secret Files Of Dr. Drew, the Purple Claw feature was nevertheless good, not-so-clean fun for fans of exploitative pulp-horror.

Today’s story, our last post if the Mayan prophecy turns out to be true, recounts the Claw’s fateful encounter with a femme fatale who has a …. “thing” … for arachnids. What a way to go, right?

“Web Of Horror” originally appeared in The Purple Claw #2 (Toby, March 1953). The art is credited to Ben Brown (pencils) and David Ganz (inks).

As always, the scans are courtesy of the Digital Comic Museum.

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 4

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 5

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 6

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 7

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 8

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 9

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 10

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 11

Purple Claw    a #2 - Page 12

If we’re all still around by the end of the day, I’ll wrap up the year with some classic Walt Kelly Christmas comics! Hope to see you later!!


2 thoughts on “Purple Creature Eater

  1. It seems that the artist couldn’t be bothered to remember on which hand the claw went. (See, for example, 4:4 and 4:5.)

    Meanwhile, I will beseech you, in the bowels of the Christ!, to link your thumbnails directly to the full-size images. For example, the first thumb-nail is now linked to http://www.flickr.com/photos/timebullet/8295019962/; it would be better linked to https://secure.flickr.com/photos/timebullet/8295019962/sizes/h/ or to https://farm9.staticflickr.com/8218/8295019962_eca111456d_h.jpg.

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