A Very Kelly Xmas


Walt Kelly’s Pogo is justly lauded for the brave stands it took against McCarthyism, segregationists, Vietnam and just about every other controversial issue of the time.

The strip, however, had its more sentimental side as well. Most notable was Kelly’s apparent soft spot for the Christmas holidays, because the denizens of Okefenokee Swamp always celebrated the Yuletide in style.

The care and craftsmanship Kelly brought to his Noel-themed work  also extends to his time as a writer-artist for Dell Comics, where he wrote and illustrated several holiday annuals.

For the next few days, we’re going to feature a sampling of Kelly’s holiday comics for Dell. The first tale, “Christmas Comes To The Wood Land,” originally appeared in the publisher’s long-running anthology Four Color Comics, which adopted the title “Santa Claus Funnies” for the occasion.

(Dell published more than 1,000 issues of Four Color, although the title was usually downplayed in favor of whatever character or concept was published that particular month. It’s a long story.)

Today’s comic first appeared in Four Color #91 (Dell, December 1945).

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 50

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 51

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 52

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 53

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 54

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 55

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 56

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 57

WaltKellyInSanta #1 - Page 58

A quick note for Daniel, a longtime visitor to this and our previous blog: I don’t believe Flickr allows the sort of links you’ve requested. Sorry!


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