New Girl

Wow Comics #9 - Page 3

“And a Happy New Year to you … in jail!”

Mary Marvel’s debut as Wow Comics’ headlining feature was certainly stacked in the Shazam Girl’s favor as Otto Binder’s story not only featured The Big Red Cheese, but also featured appearances from Mr. Scarlet and Pinky and doubled as a heartwarming Christmas story.

Under such circumstances, Mary could hardly fail. She remained Wow Comics lead character for the next five years and enjoyed a three-year run in her own magazine. Although her star fell a bit further than the other Marvels during the post-war super-hero slump, Mary continued appear in Fawcett’s successful Marvel Family comic until the publisher closed down its comic-book operation in 1953.

Mary Marvel Week continues with “The Night Before Xmas.” The story originally appeared in Wow Comics #9 (Fawcett Publications, January 1943) and was written by Binder and drawn by Marc Swayze.

Wow Comics #9 - Page 4

Wow Comics #9 - Page 5

Wow Comics #9 - Page 6

Wow Comics #9 - Page 7

Wow Comics #9 - Page 8

Wow Comics #9 - Page 9

Wow Comics #9 - Page 10

Wow Comics #9 - Page 11

Wow Comics #9 - Page 12

Wow Comics #9 - Page 13

Wow Comics #9 - Page 14

Wow Comics #9 - Page 15

Wow Comics #9 - Page 16

Wow Comics #9 - Page 17


One thought on “New Girl

  1. Gah! In the origin story, Mary was a changeling! Now she’s a foster-child who calls Mrs Bromfield, well, “Mrs. Bromfield”! Gah!

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