Georgia On My Mind

Mary Marvel #1 - Page 09

A hero or heroine is only as good as his or her villains, so Otto Binder gave Mary her very own Sivana in the first issue of the Shazam Girl’s own title.

Without further ado, Mary Marvel Week continues with the self-explanatory “Mary Marvel Meets Sivana’s Daughter – Georgia” from Mary Marvel #1 (Fawcett Publications, December 1945).

(*Whew. That’s a lot of “Mary Marvel” in one sentence.)

The story, as usual, is by Otto Binder. The art is uncredited, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was provided by the studio run by Otto’s older brother, Jack.

Mary Marvel #1 - Page 10

Mary Marvel #1 - Page 11

Mary Marvel #1 - Page 12

Mary Marvel #1 - Page 13

Mary Marvel #1 - Page 14

Mary Marvel #1 - Page 15

Mary Marvel #1 - Page 16


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