Super Girlfriends

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 3

If there was anything rarer than super-hero team-ups in Golden Age comic-books, it was probably super-heroine team-ups in Golden Age comic-books.

Mary Marvel broke that particular glass ceiling in the eighth issue of her own magazine, though, when she met up with Bulletgirl and fought two of the Flying Detective’s deadliest enemies: Doctor Riddle and The Weeper.

(Or his son, anyway.)

Although Mary and Bulletgirl still got knocked out and tied up a couple of times, it’s still refreshing to see female characters from the 1940s take down super-villains without any male assistance.

Mary Marvel Week continues with “Riddles Of Death.” The story, which originally appeared in Mary Marvel #8 (Fawcett, December 1946), was written by Otto Binder and drawn by Jack Binder.

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 4

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 5

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 6

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 7

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 8

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 9

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 10

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 11

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 12

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 13

Mary Marvel #8 - Page 14


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