Exit, Bat-Girl


As comic-book tropes go, you could do worse than falling back on the old “girlfriend corrupted by a vampire” bit.

Fortunately for the intended victim of this particular story, the boyfriend attempting to avert the evil deed is none other than the resurrected Egyptian prince known as Ibis the Invincible!

This adventure varies from run-of-the-mill super-hero horror mash-ups by starting with a situation that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in an episode of I Love Lucy (ditzy heroine goes to extraordinary lengths to shop for clothes) before slowly ratcheting up the danger to the point where the situation is resolved in a shockingly violent manner.

(Shocking, at least, for Whiz Comics … home to the all-ages adventures of Captain Marvel.)

“The Vampire Cloak” originally appeared in Whiz Comics #114 (Fawcett, October 1949). The story and art are not credited.










As a Time Bullet bonus, here’s an installment of Basil Wolverton’s “Culture Corner” that ran in the very same issue of Whiz Comics. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Exit, Bat-Girl

  1. Actually, I think that the Fawcett superhero comics tend to be remembered as less violent than they were, largely because so many of the heroes have appearances and personæ that seem to fit non-violent comics.

    Meanwhile, I’m moved to ask why Ibis burned the cloak? Its enchantment ended with the destruction of Drako. Even if Taia didn’t want it (and it’s not clear that she didn’t), the Ibistick could have sent it off to a charity store. And, speaking of the Ibistick, it must have been sleeping on the job to let that cloak go unreported.

    Also, why does Taia have a hospital bed in her room?

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