Luck Be A Lady


Will Eisner co-created Lady Luck with artist Chuck Mazoujian in 1940 as a back-up feature for his syndicated Spirit Section. The heroine’s origin was typical of many in the Golden Age: bored socialite Brenda Banks dons a mask to fight crime as a “modern-day Robin Hood.”

With artistic contributions from the likes of Nick Cardy, Lady Luck’s four-page adventures were generally a cut above most of the other bored party girls who fought comic-book Nordling took over the strip.

Already a veteran chronicler of super-heroic exploits when he started writing and drawing Lady Luck in 1942, Nordling’s flair for combining proto-noir atmospherics with quirky humor perfectly complimented the approach Eisner  – and his many ghosts – adopted for The Spirit.

(Nordling himself assisted Eisner on The Spirit from 1948-1951).

Lady Luck proved popular enough for her adventures to be reprinted in Quality’s Smash Comics title from 1943-49, when the character took over the magazine entirely. Nordling provided new stories for the subsequent five issues of Lady Luck until the character – and her most notable creator – withdrew from the public eye.

According to Wikipedia, Lady Luck #90 marked the last known appearance of original comic work from Nordling. He spent the rest of his career ghosting others’ strips and working on promotional comic books.

Nordling passed away in 1986 at the age of 76.

The following story originally appeared in the January 2, 1944 edition of the Spirit Section. It is written and drawn by Nordling.





I’ve heard tell that a new version of Lady Luck is due to debut sometime this year in DC Comics’ Nu52. Given the manner the company has treated its intellectual property in recent years, I hope those plans never come to pass.


1 thought on “Luck Be A Lady

  1. I note the cheese-cake-ism in the final panel of page 3. I don’t think that they would have been able to get away with quite that much using the device of a gust of wind or a drop.

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