Clan Of The Cave Girl

013 Cave Girl 11 Page 11

Cave Girl was Magazine Enterprises’ entry in the Golden Age’s ever-popular “Jungle Girl” genre, albeit one that borrowed elements from Edgar Rice Burroughs’  Lost World novels as well as Fiction House’s iconic Sheena, Jungle Queen.

Despite the character’s lack of originality, however, Cave Girl did benefit from the talents of her co-creators: the legendary Gardner Fox and Bob Powell.

Powell, of course, was one of the field’s greatest “good girl” artists – which, to be honest, was the entire point of the genre –  while Fox could always be counted on to provide solid stories that added a twist or two to the formula.

(For example, fearsome city that provides the title for today’s tale is a reference to modern civilization rather than a lost, prehistoric land.)

From Cave Girl #11 (Magazine Enterprises, 1953), here’s “The City Of Terror” by Fox and Powell.

014 Cave Girl 11 Page 12

015 Cave Girl 11 Page 13

016 Cave Girl 11 Page 14

017 Cave Girl 11 Page 14

018 Cave Girl 11 Page 15

019 Cave Girl 11 Page 16

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