Heads, You Lose!


Ace Periodicals published a number of fine horror tales that disprove the notion that EC was the only Pre-Code comics company that emphasized quality as well as brutality. Ace’s earlier super-hero efforts, however, were crazy as hell.

The heroes themselves were stock, square-jawed types who stood for truth, justice and The American Way. The villains were another story, though. Ace’s rogues gallery consisted of killer clowns whose blood lust made The Joker look like Bozo, radium-irradiated mummies, vampiric hypnotists and – in today’s offering – a demonic midget little person who animated wax figurines with the condemned souls of hell.

Rudy Palais – who would later leave a significant mark in comics history as a horror illustrator for Harvey –  somehow manages to reign in the insanity with his typically expert art. He would only get better as his work matured.

The untitled story originally appeared Super-Mystery Comics Vol. 5, #2 (Ace Periodicals, Oct. 1945).










Kind of surprised Wertham never grabbed a hold of this story …


2 thoughts on “Heads, You Lose!

  1. Dude! Duuude! You’re not supposed to me usin’ the “m” word any more, regardless of what the story did! The villain is to be called a “dwarf” or a “little person”, or just to have no mention made of his size!

    Anyway, I guess that the villain had been careful to use a non-magnetic metal for the wiring, but he’d earlier claimed that the place were free of metal! He walks around telling great big lies!

    But just what is the function of Magno takin’-off his civies? And is there enough sweat and spit to be really sure that this is the work of Rudy Palais?

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