Fear The Reefer


Despite their attraction to lurid sensationalism, publishers of Golden Age True Crime comics often claimed their magazines performed valuable public services. After all the criminals always got their just desserts, right?

(Never mind the fact that true crime tales focused on the vicarious thrill of watching lawbreakers violently climb the ladder of the underworld before receiving said just desserts.)

Crime comics occasionally preached against drugs and drink as well, with the demon weed Marijuana an especially juicy target for publishers’ ire. Today’s post presents one of the better examples of comic-book reefer madness, thanks to the typically distinctive art of Mort Meskin.

From Wanted Comics #45 (Orbit, February 1952), here’s “The No. 1 Enemy.”










1 thought on “Fear The Reefer

  1. Drug prohibitions are a great example of public policy where the left, right, and center all came to agreement — and screwed things over royally. (Sanity lay nowhere on that line of insanity.)

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