Bad Medicine


Dick Giordano is justly remembered as a comic-book legend for his accomplishments as a penciller, inker and editor who oversaw the creation of Charlton’s hallowed “Action Hero” line and brought his strong artistic sensibilities to DC comics as both an artist and an editor throughout the ’60s to the ’80s.

Everybody has to start somewhere, however, and Giordano earned his stripes as a freelance artist for Chalrton who unwittingly “inspired” world-famous plagiarist Roy Lichtenstein.

It’s too bad Lichtenstein never stumbled upon today’s story. A painting based on a panel or two from “Too Much To Swallow” would have definitely left an impression on the art gallery set.

All joking aside, however, it’s always interesting to see the early work of a great like Giordano and the uncredited writer of said story definitely knew how to bring the Pre-Code violence!

From Space Adventures #12 (Charlton, August 1954), here’s “Too Much To Swallow.” The art is by Giordano (pencils) and Vince Alascia (inks).







As a bonus, here’s the striking original cover of Space Adventures #12 by Steve Ditko. I sure as heck would have picked up a comic with THIS cover back in the day, even if nothing inside the book remotely matched the scene depicted up front.



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