Lost Planet Airmen


Alex Toth. Jet planes. Does anything else need to be said?

Welllll ….. sure. Jim Steranko’s recent Twittertorial on Alex Toth described how the legendary artist defined comics’ depiction of aeronautics in EC’s Frontline Combat. Sadly, I don’t have access to Harvey Kurtzman’s brilliant EC war titles. However, Toth did do equally striking work for Standard’s air combat titles  roughly around the same time.

Given the popularity of Sci-Fi in the early 50s, today’s story also works in a flying saucer angle without damaging what is otherwise a fairly realistic setting for a late Golden Age war comic.

From Jet Fighters #7 (Standard, March 1953), here’s “Seeley’s Saucer” with art by Toth and Mike Peppe.








1 thought on “Lost Planet Airmen

  1. I like that second panel on page 4. With the planes all over the place, coming from every direction. It seems like a really good depiction of how chaotic an air battle like that would get. There’s not much room, but it uses that, makes it feel cramped, like they could run into another plane at any moment.

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