Shoot To Thrill


To Victor Fox, sleazeball publisher extraordinaire, no story was too violent or sensational to appear in one of his funny books. So when true crime comics came into vogue, Fox upped the ante by rushing out a publication that focused on crimes committed by women.

Not just any women, mind you. Sexy women …. whether or not that particular aspect of the story was true or false.

True to its name, Fox’s Crimes By Women featured some of the most salacious contents of the Golden Age. The cover to the third issue alone was scandalous enough to warrant mention in Fredric Wertham’s Seduction Of The Innocent.

Crimes By Women 03

Today’s post, however, comes from Crimes By Women’s second issue because the story is better drawn than most of what appeared behind the cover that outraged Wertham. Don’t worry, faithful Time Bulleteer, the tale I’ve selected is just as exploitative as you would hope.

The wonderfully titled “Jean Torson, Satan’s Daughter” originally appeared in Crimes By Women #2 (Fox, August 1948). The writer and artist are not credited.












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