Vampire Diary


It’s that time of year again when comic-book bloggers’ thoughts turn away from Batman-themed boner jokes and Tumblrs dedicated to cosplay and toward all things related to Halloween.

Or, in the Time Bullet’s case, Pre-Code horror comics!

For the next 13 days, I’ll be scouring the depths of my haunted archive – well, the Digital Comic Museum  – for unusual horror tales that hopefully haven’t been posted all over the Web millions of times.

First up, a very early attempt at a horror story by one of comics’ true pioneers: Tarpe Mills.

Mills was one of the first female artists to work in comics. Her primary claim to fame is Miss Fury, the first female super-hero created by a woman.

Today’s tale, entitled “The Vampire,” appeared two years before Mills’ feline adventurer. I particularly like the Hal Foster-esque technique of eschewing word balloons for plain text, which lent the story a feel that hewed closer to ancient European folklore than early 20th century pulp fiction.

From Amazing Mystery Funnies Vol. 2 #2 (Centaur Publications, February 1939), here’s “The Vampire” by Tarpe Mills.







Well, thank you Captain Exposition!

Coming tomorrow: Would you believe … Brother Power The Geek’s Golden Age ancestor?!?


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