World War Z


Skywolf, Hillman Periodicals’ answer to Blackhawk, enjoyed a long career as a back-up feature in the publisher’s flagship title, Air Fighters Comics. Although primarily remembered these days for introducing comics’ first swamp thing, The Heap, the strip provided solid adventures tale that were pretty violent by even Pre-Code standards.

Today’s tale finds Skywolf and his three companions – The Turtle, The Judge and Cocky Roche (!!!) – taking on a horde of zombies. These particular shambling monstrosities, however, are the zombies of traditional Vodou rather than the undead flesh-eaters popularized by George Romero.

As is the case with many Golden Age comics that deal with “exotic” cultures and customs, the following story contains a number of unfortunate racial stereotypes. If you find such portrayals overly offensive, read no further.

The 13 Days Of Halloween presents “Zombies Of The High Llama.” The story originally appeared in Air Fighters Comics v2 #2 (Hillman, November 1943) and was drawn by John Giunta.












Ha! Take that futuristic Utopia!

Coming Tomorrow: A chess master challenges Satan to a game with life and death stakes! It works out the way you would expect …

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