Smiling Faces


Back in 1997, Face/Off made a tidy sum for John Woo and company via the rather incredible plot device of a face swap via plastic surgery. The famed Chinese director, however, wasn’t the first to tackle such an incredible story.

In fact, the concept of “magic plastic surgery” is a well-established trope.

Decades earlier, an unnamed comic-book scribe typed up a similar tale detailing the fiendish result of a face-swap. Will good or evil persevere in this instance? Remember, dear reader, we are talking about a Pre-Code horror comic …

The 13 Days Of Halloween continue with “The Other Face.” It was originally published in Journey Into Mystery #11 (Atlas Comics, August 1953). The artist is one of my all-time favorite Golden Age greats, George Tuska.






Golden Age Justice!!

I guess. I mean … um.


Coming tomorrow: Plastic Man takes on a vampire! Jack Cole takes a hike!!


2 thoughts on “Smiling Faces

  1. Speaking of plastic surgery, I remember a comic book story which involved a minor Nazi, who forced a plastic surgeon to change his looks at the end of the war so he could disappear. After the operation he shot the surgeon and left swathed in bandages. When stopped by war survivors who removed those bandages, he discovered that his new looks matched those of a major Nazi and was killed instantly by those who remembered the wrongs committed by that man. So, he didn’t get away after all!

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