Stack O’ Wax


Tex Blaisdell is best remembered for his stints assisting such great newspaper strip cartoonists as Hal Foster, Stan Drake, Al Capp, Bud Sagendorf and many others. He even took over Little Orphan Annie for five years after the feature’s creator, Harold Gray, passed away.

Like many of his contemporaries, however, Blaisdell also worked in the comic-book field and inked many Silver Age tales for DC. Less well known is his shot at Pre-Code horror comics, a House Of Wax rip-off published by lowly Charlton Comics.

Blaisdell’s work elevates the tale, though. One panel toward the end of the tale, in particular, deserves inclusion in the Pre-Code Horror Comic Hall Of Fame for sheer audaciousness.

(You’ll know it when you see it. By the way, there is a Pre-Code Horror Comic Hall Of Fame… right???)

The 13 Days Of Halloween continues with “Murderers’ Row” from The Thing #5 (Charlton, October-November 1952).










As a special bonus, here’s the entertainingly sick cover to The Thing #5 by Lou Morales.

Thing 005

I owe a tip of the hat to the Fawcett & Charlton Horror site for bringing this story to the Internet’s attention. Although I poke fun at Charlton’s bottom-of-the-barrel reputation among Golden Age publishers, The Thing actually turned into one of the better horror titles of the era once Steve Ditko jumped on board. A selection of those stories were posted during last year’s Halloween fest.

Coming tomorrow: Matt Baker’s Phantom Lady Vs. A Werewolf! You know she’s had experience dealing with wolves!!


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