Mother Mayhem


Comic-book entrepreneur Harry A. Chesler used to joke that his middle initial stood for “Anything.” Given that his studio produced a character like Mother Hubbard, it’s safe to say there was more than an ounce of truth to his jest.

Mother Hubbard was a crime-fighting witch who used her magic against Nazi torturers, soul-stealing elves and  – in today’s story –  ogres and gnomes who rob the eyeballs of sleeping children.

Yep, pure 100 percent nightmare fuel. It’s no wonder the good Mother only appeared in less than a handful of tales.

The 13 Days Of Halloween conclude with Mother Hubbard’s third, and final, adventure from Scoop Comics #3 (Chesler, March 1942). The story and art are uncredited, although I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that the creators were somehow related to the Brothers Grimm.









That’s it for another Halloween, Time Bulleteers! Don’t worry, we’ll be back Nov. 2 for a special All Soul’s Day tale starring the Golden Age Ghost Rider!


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