Ghost Vs. Ghoul


It’s become a tradition around these parts to post a ghost story on All Soul’s Day, so this year I thought it appropriate to introduce a tale starring the Spectral Sheriff of the range known only as Ghost Rider.

“Spectral Sheriff.” Yeah … that was a bit of a reach.

From Ghost Rider #8 (Magazine Enterprises, August 1952), here’s “The Inn On Skull Mountain.” The art is by the Rider’s co-creator, the criminally underrated Dick Ayers.








Golden Age justice!!!


One thought on “Ghost Vs. Ghoul

  1. I note the shortness of the rope. This would have been a short-drop hanging or suspension, and even if the executed man had leapt from a stool or somesuch, he surely would have been conscious during the initial part of the strangulation (which would have taken 10 to 20 minutes).

    (Hangings kill by strangulation. The breaking of the neck in a standard- or long-drop execution renders the victim unconscious, but he or she is still killed by strangulation.)

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