Happy Whoniversary

Happy Who-niversary

I first saw Tom Baker as Doctor Who in the early 1980s on my local PBS station. The character and concept struck such a chord that I’ve been a fan ever since that very moment. Although the current series, under the guidance of Stephen Moffat, has frustratingly transformed the character from an eccentric scientist into a cosmic Peter Pan, I do appreciate the great performance of Matt Smith as No. 11 and couldn’t be happier that The Doctor is still going strong in the 21st Century. Geronimo!


2 thoughts on “Happy Whoniversary

  1. I first saw Jon Pertwee in Dr. Who and the Silurians in local syndication in 1974 and was hooked. I’ve followed The Doctor ever since.

    • I barely remember seeing those syndicated Whos myself, but sadly it didn’t make an impression on 12 year old me. I think those UNIT episodes didn’t make much sense to me without any context. Ended up loving a lot of them later, though. Terror Of The Autons is an all-time favorite.

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