Bullet The Blue Sky


If Dick Briefer worked in the modern comic-book industry, Internet fandom would probably condemn the writer-artist for his overly stylized, cartoony style.

As those familiar with Briefer’s Frankenstein can attest, however, the legendary creator was just as proficient at straight-up horror as big-foot humor. Like Jack Cole, Briefer possessed the talent, imagination and skill to make any sort of story work.

Submitted tonight for your approval, Time Bulleteer, is a Western tale that illustrates how Briefer’s “cartoony” approach transformed a rather typical “outlaw terrorizes community” story into an effective story of brutality and eye-for-an-eye justice.

(In my opinion, Briefer’s art makes the story’s black-humored denouement more disturbing to modern eyes…)

From Dead-Eye Western Comics vol. 1 #8 (Hillman, February 1950), here’s “Rattler Matt: Horned Toad Of The West” by Briefer.






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