All-American Girl


It’s already been several months since the last post? Time flies when you’re busy catching up on Boardwalk Empire

I recently happened upon a rave review for a new book that celebrates the can-do super-women of 1940s comics, Mike Madrid’s Divas, Dames And Daredevils: Lost Heroines of the Golden Age.

From what I gather, Madrid’s thesis regarding Wonder Woman and other first-generation heroines parallels my own longstanding belief that the original super-women and girls displayed more strength and determination than many of their Silver and Bronze Age counterparts.

(Maybe even a few modern age characters as well, given that none of the Class of ’39 and ’40 were saddled with sexual assault back-stories like Marvel’s Black Cat or DC’s pre-Nu52 Helena Bertinelli.)

Such sentiments, of course, compel me to get off my fat @$$ and post another adventure featuring one of my favorite Golden-Age super-heroines, Miss Victory! The story originally appeared in Captain Aero Comics vol. 3 #11 (Temerson/Helnit/Continental, January 1944).

The art is by Nina Albright, who blazed a few trails of her own as a comic-book artist in the medium’s early days. Here’s “Noric – The Maniac Of The Opera.”







Who needs Captain America when Miss Victory’s on the job?


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