Crook Buster


Did everyone survive the 13 Days Of Halloween?

As yours truly winds down from the dual high of leftover Halloween candy and a Netflix marathon of Mario Bava films, here’s an All Souls Day bonus featuring Fox Publications’ answer to the Spectre: The Wraith.

Like Jim Corrigan, Gary Kennedy was a policeman who was gunned down by criminals and returned from the dead to exact his revenge. Unlike the DC’s long-lived spirit of vengeance, however, The Wraith possessed a more limited power set that encompassed flight, intangibility, super-strength and the Deadman-like ability to possess humans.

Unlike most of the other rip-off characters that were Fox Publications’ stock-in-trade, The Wraith also had a cool character design. There’s something about a green corpse wrapped in sheets that stands out …

From Mystery Men Comics #27 (Fox, October 1941), here’s “The Wraith.” The story is signed by Paul Devlin, but I can’t find any biographical information on the gentleman to determine if he really existed or was just a nom de plume.







I could earn $30 to $50 a week? Man … I should’ve been a radio technician instead of whatever it is I do these days.


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