Oh My Goddess

Charlton Comics’ Golden Age offerings weren’t much to speak of before such talents as Dick Giordano and Steve Ditko entered the low-rent company’s doors. But there were some gems hidden here and there.

Diana The Huntress, one of the better conceived Wonder Woman expies, premiered in Yellowjacket Comics #1 and lasted for the entirety of the book’s 10-issue run. Although the feature mixed Greek and Roman mythology a bit too freely, Diana herself stood out as a notable character despite finding herself in some crudely written and drawn adventures.

Diana The Huntress

The Huntress’ strongest outing was undoubtedly her first, illustrated with much more skill by Gus Schrotter, who worked for a variety of publishers before leaving comics in the 1950s to become a children’s book illustrator.

From Yellowjacket Comics #1 (Charlton, September 1944), here’s “Diana The Huntress.”


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