New Found Glory


What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by sharing a tale starring one of the 1940s’ most patriotic super-heroes: Major Victory!

Major Victory originally appeared in Dynamic Comics #1 (Chesler, October 1941) and fought the Axis for all of three issues. The character seemingly refused to die, though, as Chesler granted Major Victory his own title three years later.

Rather than print new adventures, the publisher simply reprinted recolored versions of older stories before pulling the plug a second, and final, time.

While the Major himself didn’t have the staying power of The Shield, Captain America or even The Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy, his codename did live on in the form of Vance Astro , leader of Marvel Comics’ original Guardians Of The Galaxy.

That’s something, right?

Here’s the recolored version of Major Victory’s origin from Major Victory Comics #1 (Chesler, 1944). The art is credited to Charles Sultan.










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