Voices Carry Labradors

The Time Bullet’s slow evolution into an Aimee Mann video blog continues this month with the second single from her new album Charmer.

Entitled “Labrador,” the clip has attracted already some mainstream attention with a notable cameo from Jon Hamm and an ironclad high concept of remaking Mann’s “Voices Carry” video shot for shot.

(And no … Hamm does not play the role of the infamous, d-bag boy-friend that ’80s MTV fans came to know so well and hate so much.)

Here’s “Labrador” …

And to stoke the memories of my fellow post-Baby Boomers out there, here’s the original “Voices Carry” video starring Mann when she was the lead singer/songwriter of ‘Til Tuesday.

Sailin’ Shoes


Sailin’ Shoes

Little Feat’s 1972 classic Sailin’ Shoes LP featured an unforgettable image painted by Neon Park, an exceptional artist who made his mark through the creation of such provocative pieces as the infamous “Weasels Ripped My Flesh” cover for the Frank Zappa LP of the same name. He sadly passed away in 1993 from Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

We’re Only In It For The Money


We’re Only In It For The Money

Envisioned by Frank Zappa and Cal Schenkel as a “direct negative” of the iconic Sgt. Pepper album art, objections raised by Capitol Records – as well as apparent apathy on the Beatles’ part –  delayed the release of The Mothers’ We’re Only In It For The Money by four months until Verve put out a bowdlerized version of the cover that Zappa despised. Ironically, the entire episode pretty much proved that Zappa’s distrust of Flower Power populism was justified.