Golden Archers

Golden Arrow
The Time Bullet continues to defy the boundaries of the Fourth Dimension! It’s Day Four of Wild West Week, a mere two-and-a-half weeks after Day Three!!

Emerging today from the mists of history is the Golden Arrow, a second-tier Fawcett character that enjoyed a 13-year run in Whiz Comics and even managed to headline his own title for a handful of issues.

Created by Bill Parker and Pete Costanza, the Arrow’s origin was familiar to anyone who followed Tarzan or the Lone Ranger. Roger Parsons orphaned and left for dead in the Wild West after his father – a noted inventor – and mother were murdered by a greedy businessman.

Raised by a kindly prospector, Parsons developed exceptional strength and reflexes as he grew and became an expert archer. The young man dubs himself the “Golden Archer” and with the help of his mighty steed, White Wind, avenges his father’s death and becomes the “Robin Hood of the Wild West.”

Although Parsons’ adventures were supposedly set in the Old West, Golden Arrow did manage to team up with Captain Marvel and Spy Smasher a time or two. It seems Fawcett creators scoffed at the time and space continuum as much as we do …

From Whiz Comics #30 (Fawcett, October 1942), here’s “A School Of Justice.” The Grand Comics Database guesses the artist was Al Carreno.










Bedridden and insane! Golden Age justice!!

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