Rubberband Man

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The 13 Days Of Halloween continue with a Pre-Code horror classic from one of the genre’s masters: Steve Ditko!

Although Ditko is better remembered for his sizable contribution to super-hero comics (Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, The Creeper, Blue Beetle et. al.), he also lent his talents to horror and science-fiction titles published by such diverse companies as Warren, Charlton and – of course – Marvel.

Given that the reclusive artist regularly drew these sorts of stories for a good 30 years (1950s-1980s), it’s arguable that Ditko’s contributions to mystery and suspense titles may even dwarf the number of pages he dedicated to crime fighters in long underwear.

Tonight’s tale of a plastic man gone wrong originally appeared in Fantastic Fears #5 (Ajax-Farrell, 1954). It’s merely one of many stories that illustrate how Ditko can turn the most outlandish concept into a legitimate chiller.

“Stretching Things” was written by Bruce Hamilton and drawn, of course, by Steve Ditko.

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