Monster Movie

Although the great Damo Suzuki had yet to lend his unique vocal stylings to the Krautrock pioneers, Can’s 1969 debut still sounded at least a decade ahead of its time. Not only did the album’s aggressive art punk provide fertile ground for such acts as Wire, Public Image Ltd. and The Fall, but echoes of the band’s sound are still heard to this day in the indie rock underground.

For the purposes of this blog, however, how awesome is it to see Galactus – albeit in a less than convincing  disguise – brandish the Ultimate Nullifier smack dab on Monster Movie’s cover? Combined with Doctor Strange’s cameo on Pink Floyd’s Saucerful Of Secrets and other counterculture signposts I’m sure have escaped my attention, it’s easy to buy into Stan Lee’s typically over-the-top claim that late-60s Marvel comics were truly “pop art” sensations.

That’s a pretty great feather in the company’s cap. Too bad such accomplishments were eventually obscured by Marvel’s transformation into little more than a farm system for Disney to harvest merchandise and film franchises, but I guess that’s as good an indication of what became of the ‘60s counterculture as anything else …