Satan Smasher

Super-Heroes Vs. Super-Horrors Week concludes with one of my favorite underutilized Golden Age characters: Spy Smasher!

(Honestly, you think DC could do more with the concept in a post-9/11 world than concoct a short-lived nemesis for Barbara Gordon in Birds Of Prey. Then again, DC is not exactly firing on all cylinders creatively these days …)

Oh well. At least the character headlined a number of memorable adventures in his heyday, including the time the very mortal Spy Smasher seemingly encountered death itself and was condemned to an eternity of suffering in Hell.

What does that have to do with smashing spies, you may ask? Read the story and find out!

From Spy Smasher #5 (Fawcett, June 1942), here’s “Death Over Washington.” The art is credited to Emil Gershwin.