R.I.P. Yvonne Craig


Along with Barbara Feldon’s Agent 99 and Diana Rigg’s Mrs. Peel, Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl served as a formative example to pre-teen me that women could be every bit as heroic and competent as men. She will definitely be missed.


Enter Batgirl


Here’s the original, unaired TV episode that would have introduced Barbara Gordon and the All-New Batgirl to the numerous denizens of TV Land circa the late ’60s.

In my book, Yvonne Craig’s portrayal of Barbara Gordon remains definitive to this day. Her embodiment of a fun-loving, alluring and – most important of all – competent super-heroine is the reason why I never liked The Killing Joke.

In fact, the best comic-book representation of this Batgirl – outside of the original story by Gardner Fox and Carmine Infantino – is the classic Batgirl: Year One mini-series by Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon, Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez.

Maybe that Barbara Gordon will reappear one day in a modern DC comic …